Friday, February 15, 2019



Dayton, OH. February 01, 2019
U.S. Hose and Coupling has always had the desire to create our own hose and fitting products with a few very important aspects in mind: our valued distributors, the end-user, and our vision to be the industry leader in hose assembly technologies. After much deliberation, research, and development, we are proud to introduce our 
Patriot 1776 Extreme Chemical hose to market.

At the core, the Patriot line is an offering to our distribution network that delivers on a promise of high quality construction while being economical at the same time. The Patriot 1776 hose and assembly options are able to be used for a multitude of applications, including suction and discharge of most extreme chemicalsin use today, industry-wide. In an effort to allow our distributors to reduce their inventory levels we have created this all-purpose, long-lasting and very diverse product.

The Patriot 1776 Extreme Chemical hose has a corrugated option (1776-C) for greater bend radius. Both covers are made of EPDM and have an UHWMPE tube construction. What sets these hoses apart from the competition is that they both carry a FDA rating for high purity chemicals and food & beverage products, as well as a CIP rating. With a pressure rating of 250psi and an optimal temperature scale of -40°F To +250°F, this product can handle 98% of all industrial chemicals all the while accomplishing the transfer of these chemicals at higher pressures and temperatures than most modern hoses.

With the introduction of U.S. Hose and Coupling’s new Patriot 1776 Extreme Chemical hose we accomplish all of these milestones while providing a domestically made, economical solution to your hose needs.

*See chemical resistance chart and spec sheet on our website

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


We here at U.S. HOSE & COUPLING are always looking to stay up to date with new technologies for our industry and new hose designs for yours.  In fact, we have a few exciting new additions to our already stellar portfolio.  These can be found on our website where we have a special section devoted to all things new that come across our desk and into our warehouses.  Brand spanking NEW is our very own line of Extreme Chemical S/D Hose called "Patriot 1776" and you can find more information on that and other new products here...
...As always, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here for you. Call us at (800) 344-0150

Friday, January 18, 2019


Are you looking for an all-around chemical hose?  This Green XLPE Cross Link Hose may be just the one you need.  It will handle many of today’s industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity flow or suction services.  Tube is made with a synthetic rubber cross-linked polyethylene and reinforced with a double wire helix.  Check it out below or call us at (800) 344-0150 
for more information.

Monday, January 7, 2019

We are at your SERVICE!!!

Our warehouse is equipped with cutting-edge technology suited to completely assemble your customized hose on-site, right here in the USA! Some of the extended services we offer include Pressure Testing, Custom Cut Lengths (short & long runs), Fire Hose Expansion, Bundling, Pallet Wrapping, Custom Fittings, Internal Expansion, Crimping, Logistics, and many more. Call today and let us help you OR visit US HOSE & COUPLING online!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


We have been properly trained to assemble and test hoses to NAHAD specifications.  What does this mean for you?  It means that we adhere to a strict list of standards and requirements set down by the main trade organization for the hose industry.  We have trained staff on site in each of warehouses that are certified to assemble Hydraulic, Industrial Rubber, PVC & Urethane, Teflon, and Metal Hoses.  We deliver peace of mind to high pressure assemblies, and we can tag your hose with test information upon request as well.  Give us a call today!  
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

HOSE SLEEVE - Color Coding Your Way To Efficiency!!!

Need a cost efficient and durable way to protect your hose? Maybe simple color coding for easy identification? WE CAN DO THAT TOO!! The braided construction allows for easy installation especially over large runs of hose. a seemingly endless array of colors to differentiate your hose and employ systematic color coding. Made of 10 mil PET monofilament, these sleeves are resistant to chemical degredation, UV radiation, abrasion and boasts a wide temperature range. Add this feature to your hose investment today!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


One common problem with traditional couplings can be flow restriction and build-up of material around the area of the coupling shank.  To allow a full-flow through a hose assembly, we offer Internal Expansion.  Our warehouse is equipped with a high-power machine capable of pressing the coupling from the INSIDE out, trapping the hose between hose stem and ferrule!  In addition this assembly can handle higher working pressures AND a longer service life.  And yes, we stock these too.
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